What You Need: Syphon - Mini Burner - Grinder - 19g of ground coffee - Water - Scale - Timer

Run your filter under hot water. This removes any residual flavours.

Place the ball-chain through the tube and hook on to the bottom of the tube. Ensure the filter is in the centre.

Grind 19g of coffee - medium grind. Do not add the coffee yet.

Add 250ml of water to your bottom bulb-chamber. Rest the top chamber loosely on top of the bulb-chamber. Do not lock it in.

Place the mini burner underneath the Syphon and turn on. Once bubbles start to form, lock in the top chamber so a vacuum is created.

Let the water rise up to the top chamber. Once all of the water has risen, turn down your burner, and add your ground coffee. Slowly agitate the coffee for 45 seconds.

Turn off the burner and agitate for a further 20 seconds.

Allow the coffee to cool and filter itself back into the bottom chamber. Once this process is complete, remove the top chamber, rinse the filter and enjoy your coffee.