What You Need: Chemex - Chemex Filter - Grinder - 18g of ground coffee - Hot water (about 95°C) - Scale - Timer

Fold the circular Chemex filter into four even quadrants. Open the filter so there are 3 layers on one side, and one on the other. Place the filter so the three layers are against the Chemex spout.

Rinse the entire filter paper with 95°C water. Tip out this water once it has passed through the filter.

Grind 18g of coffee - medium grind. Add the coffee evenly to the Chemex filter.

Bloom: Add 60ml of water evenly on top of the coffee. Wait for 45 seconds.

Pour the remaining 240ml of water evenly on top of the coffee. Let the coffee drip through the filter.


This method should take approximately 3-3:30 minutes.