LOT 46

Notes of fermented strawberries, blackcurrant and stone fruit

What You Need:
V60 Brewer - V60 Filter - Grinder - 15g of ground coffee - Hot water (about 95°C) - Scale - Timer - Mug 

Place the V60 filter flat on the bench, and fold the seam of the filter paper flat. Open the filter into a cone shape and place it into the V60 dripper on top of your mug.

Rinse the filter paper with hot water (95°C). Ensure the whole filter is wet.
This does two things; it makes the dripper and the mug hot, as well as removes any residual paper taste from the filter paper.
Tip out the hot water from your mug.

Grind 15g of coffee - medium grind.
Place the coffee evenly in the V60 brewer.

Bloom: Pour 45ml of  water evenly across the top of your coffee.
The bloom allows most of the gas to escape the coffee, leaving the bed of coffee ready for an even extraction.
Wait 45 seconds.

Pour another 205ml of 95°C water in a circular motion across the top of your coffee. Allow the V60 to drip.

This method should take approximately 2:30-3 minutes.