Pleasant earthy aroma, medium body with sweet tomato acidity, clean and stone fruit aftertaste.

Brewing Recommendation:
3:30 minutes

Region: Kayanza
Altitude: 1700 - 2000m
Varietal: Bourbon, Mbirizi
Process: Washed
Single Origin
Moisture: 12.00%
Density: 730 G/ML
Q Grade Range: 83-85

Burundi is often called the heart of Africa, referring to both the heart-shaped outline of the countries borders and the central location in the African continent.

Up to 65% of Burundian exports consist of coffee, making it one of the most important pillars of the economy.

Large parts of the country have excellent conditions for growing coffee: good terroir, a favourable climate, and more. Burundian single origins have demonstrated high potential, and coffee producers here are striving to improve their agricultural practices

Kayanza province is situated in the north, sharing a border with Rwanda (Kibira forest) and is the biggest coffee producing region of the country. The moderate, mild weather of Kayanza (average temperature 18°C) and the elevation of approximately 1.700 - 2.000 MASL with peak of rainfall in April and a relatively dry July make for great conditions to produce quality coffee.

All these factors combined lead to the well known high acidity and citric notes of Kayanza coffee. In 2018, the highest scoring Kayanza coffee got graded with a 91,43 while many others scored in the low 90s and high 80s.

Shembati/Kayanza specialty

Shembati washing station is owned by CPC ltd and located in Butaganzwa commune in the province of Kayanza. Burundi has a long tradition of producing fully washed specialty coffee thanks to their infrastructure of washing stations.

Today Shembati serves a community of about 1000 farmers and the washing -station was constructed in 2016 by CPC to make it easier for farmers to sell and deliver their coffee closer to home. The capacity of the station is around 5 containers per year.

CPC ltd, who were also one of the first producers in the country to produce high - quality sun dried naturals. They use only the highest quality of cherries and follow a strict protocol where cherries are first soaked in water the remove floaters. After they are spread on table for 2 days while staff sorts out all the immature and overripe cherries. The process is then completed by drying the cherries in the sun on raised tables for period up to 30 days depending on availability of sun.

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