Born from the sands of Dubai, Encounter is crafted by friendly, knowledgeable, well-travelled coffee nerds… fueled by adventure!

Encounter Adventurous Coffee Roasters is our home-grown coffee brand sourcing the highest quality Arabica beans from across the globe. Each blend and single origin coffee is artfully roasted in our in-house Micro Roastery located inside The Sum Of Us café.  Our coffee experts have travelled the globe to find the best beans, roast profiles and brewing methods to give you an extraordinary farm to cup coffee experience.

Encounter is a place that even coffee haters love, because we are more than just bean roasters we are adventurers. We are full of stories and have friends all over the world, we love exploring flavour, texture and complexities. Coffee is our passion and in our blood and we intend to spread our love of coffee and share our encounters with you one cup at a time.  We act as the approachable entry to the sometimes perplexing coffee world. Helping kick start your journey of coffee.

Encounter Coffee is about sharing your encounters with coffee, around coffee, and sharing stories over a cup of coffee as we celebrate our pioneering spirit! This is our journey…

Our People

The Adventurers, the cool and trendy coffee nerds, the travelers and the explorers. Our people hail from all corners of the globe, they are diverse, passionate and skilled.  Their expertise and determination contributes to delivering satisfaction and commitment while giving this city high quality roasts catered for all tastes and preferences.

Our Coffee

Coffee has long been a daily ritual for many – whether you need it to survive your morning, start your day, or get through a meeting.   For many it’s not just about daily survival but rather a passion, re-imagined and innovated. Coffee can be tied to a memory or a moment, the aroma and taste alone can bring back good times and create celebrations.

Uraga Guji – Ethiopia

Kebena Kossa – Ethiopia

Finca la Fatima – Guatemala

Casanare – Colombia

Fazenda Rainha – Brazil

Encounter Voyager Blend

Where to find our roastery

In a metropolitan desert oasis lies a multicultural hub full of ultramodern architecture. Born in Dubai, our Roastery caters to everyone and is another piece of what makes this city a sought after destination.

Tucked between the dunes and skyscrapers is The Sum Of Us Café, resting on the ground floor of Burj al Salam in the Trade Centre area on 6th street. Find it by following the smell of roasted coffee beans and fresh baked bread.

Where to find our coffee

An encounter with our coffee can occur at any moment, anywhere…
Feel like going on an adventure without going too far? Our coffee is always within reach. Encounter coffee is now served in some of your favourite venues across Dubai.