Impress your friends with your new coffee skills. We will get you brewing at home or in the office in no time. Choose your brew method and embark on your coffee adventure today. We are here to teach you everything you need to know!

Calendar of classes


Open to the public every

Monday 10am

Saturday 2pm

in our Roastery


Dial in the perfect espresso

1 hour AED 200


Texture the perfect milk

1 hour AED 200


Master a brewing method

just for you

1 hour AED 200


For the die hard coffee enthusiast 

3 hours AED 500


Or someone you think needs to learn to brew coffee better? Send them to us! It can be a gift, a surprise or you can just bring them along with you and we’ll take care of the rest.


Cupping Classes

A hands on experience where you will learn about and try different coffees from around the world with in-depth detail of the coffee journey, from farm to cup. Led by our Head Roaster Jamie at The Sum of Us Café. You will get to analyse the taste and smell of a variety of coffees from around the world.

Open to the public Monday 10am or Saturday 2pm.

Barista Courses

Espresso Basics – Spend an hour in the classroom learning all the ins and outs of dialling in the perfect espresso. You’ll learn to fine-tune by taste, creating an espresso that is just the way you like it!

Milk Basics – The class assumes you already have a handle on your espresso. In this hour we’ll show you the best (that we currently know) method to texture perfect milk, then latte art pouring techniques to impress your friends!

Basic Brewing – In this session, we’ll focus on one filter brewing method of your choice. After tasting using a standard recipe, we’ll show you how to manipulate the variables to make a brew just for you.

The Ultimate Barista Experience

As far as we know, this is the only class of its kind in the world. It’ a big one!

Come into the classroom at The Sum of Us nice and early and spend 3 hours dialling the espresso machine and fine-tuning your milk technique. For the last hour up to 6 of your family and friends join to be served coffee, made by you, customised for them to give you instant feedback and praise!